CalDigit VR mini

CalDigit VR mini

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Capacity: up to 2 TB
Warranty: One(1) Year
Size and Weight:
    *      Height: 2.07 inches (5.25 cm)
    *      Width: 3.25 inches (8.25 cm)
    *      Depth: 5.49 inches (13.95 cm)
    *      Weight: 1.54 lbs (0.7 kgs)
Host Interface:
    *      eSATA x 1
    *      FireWire 800 x 1
    *      FireWire 400 x 1
    *      USB 2.0 x 1
Interface Transfer Rate:
    *      eSATA: up to 3Gbits/s
    *      FireWire 800: up to 800Mbits/s
    *      FireWire 400: up to 400Mbits/s
    *      USB 2.0: up to 480Mbits/s
RAID Function:
    *      Supports RAID 0, 1, Spanning, JBOD
    *      Automatically online/offline fast disk rebuilding
    *      Automatic disk failure detection/warning
    *      Hot swappable disks
Power Supply Adapter:
    *      Full range AC Input: 100 ~ 240V 50~60Hz 0.6A
    *      DC Output: 12V/1.5A
    *      Power plug: 3.5×1.35×10(mm) S Type
1394 Bus Power:
    *      1394 Bus Power 30V/1.5A (max)
LCD Module:
    *      Displays RAID information and system temperature
    *      Configurable LCD panel with full access on RAID/MISC configurations
System Requirements:
    *      Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7(32 or 64bit)
    *      Mac OS 10.4 or later
LCD Module:
    *      Displays RAID information
    *      Displays system temperature
In the Box:
    *      1x CalDigit VR mini
    *      1x Driver CD
    *      1x AC Adapter
    *      1x eSATA Cable
    *      1x USB Cable
    *      1x FireWire 400 Cable
    *      1x FireWire 800 Cable


CalDigit VR mini.
Serious Storage. In Your Pocket.

The CalDigit VR mini is an innovative, compact and bus powered two drive RAID system, supporting a quadruple interface for easy connectivity. The VR mini's modular design provides two removable drive modules and an easy to read, frontside and fully functional LCD configuration screen.

With support for RAID 0, 1 and JBOD, the VR mini can reach speeds fast enough for high definition video editing. It also includes easy to use software, allowing the users to configure and monitor the VR mini, update fireware and even supports email notification. The CalDigit VR mini packs a ton of performance into a small, bus powered package, making it a truly portable storage solution that can fit in the palm of your hand.

Hardware RAID 0, 1 and JBOD with Quadruple Interface

The CalDigit VR mini features true hardware RAID, which provides an independent controller to manage the RAID volume. This dedicated processor eliminates additional strain from the host system's CPU, allowing applications full access.

-RAID 0 for maximum performance
-RAID 1 for maximum protection
-JBOD for individual disk operation

The quadruple interface supports USB 2.0, FireWire 400, FireWire 800 and eSATA, making the CalDigit VR mini extremely versatile. Using the FireWire ports, it is easy to daisy chain multiple VR mini's together to one host computer.

Bus Powered

The CalDigit VR mini is bus powered via FireWire. No extra power supply is needed, but like all CalDigit products, we have included one in the box. The VR mini has a quadruple interface, so if additional speed is needed, eSATA can be used for data and FireWire for power. The VR mini is smart enough to know which port to use, so there is no need to carry an additional power supply. This means that the VR mini can work in places most drives can't; in the field, on the set or even on an airplane. Since the VR mini is bus powered, there's also no need for adapters.

Visual Aid

The easy to read orange back lit LCD provides valuable data and added confidence that is just a glance away. Additionally, LED status lights provied a visual representation of the VR mini's operation. As if that's not enough, an audible alert can also be set.

An advanced environmental monitor provides detailed information about temperature and hard drive health, so you are always in the know. This data can be extremely important, especially when using the VR mini in the field. This information is available through the LCD screen or RAID Tool, CalDigit's easy to use software that comes with every VR mini.

Smart & Manageable

The CalDigit VR mini comes with RAID Tool, a unique software that provides easy management, monitoring, diagnostic reports, email notification and firmware update capabilities. This provides users with interactive assurance.

This easy to use software is the command center for the VR mini. In addition to diagnostics and monitoring, RAID Tool allows for firmware updates providing additional features and enhancements. Other two drive arrays lack this important capability, limiting their feature set.

The CalDigit VR mini also utilizes a LCD screen that provides detailed information about temperature, fan RPM and hard drive health, so you are always in the know. It also allows configuration without being attached to a computer. For more information, please refer to How To section.

Cool & Quiet

The CalDigit VR mini is designed with an all aluminum enclosure to assist with heat dissipation. Heat can cause damage to hard drives, and fans can add unwanted noise. The CalDigit VR mini takes advantage of the latest technology, ensuring both a cool and quiet experience.

Advanced Modular Design

The CalDigit VR mini has two removable drive modules, allowing for easy replacment and expansion. This added flexibility makes it easy to archive data. Instead of storing an entire enclosure, with the VR mini, only the drive modules need to be stored.

The sleek and sexy design is as functional as it is good looking. The all aluminum enclosure provides additional heat dissipation. The mesh aluminum design matches with many of today's popular workstations and the orange back lit LCD screen is easy on the eyes.


The CalDigit VR mini is only 2 inches tall and 5 inches long, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Weighing only a pound and a half, it will never weigh you down. The VR mini's small size makes it easy to take wherever you go, and because it's bus powered, you only need to carry a single FireWire cable. Ideal for tapeless workflows on the set, the VR mini is a great companion for all formats from P2 to RED. It is the perfect solution for all mobile storage needs.