Fusion RX1600RAID 16TB Expandable Storage Solution

Fusion RX1600RAID 16TB Expandable Storage Solution

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Warranty: 5-year
Ports: Four mini-SAS
Performance: Up to 1000 MB/s read and 750 MB/s write,
                     depending on configuration.
RAID: Hardware-based JBOD; RAID 0, 1, 4, 5, 6, and 10
Number of Drives: Sixteen (16 x 1TB)
Power Supplies: 350W, 100-260V, 50/60Hz Universal
Dimensions: 17.4 x 21 x 5.2 in
Weight: 59.5 lbs (27 kg) (with drives) 
Package Contents:
    Rackmount disk enclosure
    Two rackmount rail assemblies and mounting hardware
    Two 2-meter mini-SAS cables
    Sixteen 3.5' drive modules
    Two power cords
    Software CD
    User’s guides



Key Features

Large Capacity—16TB of storage Perfect for Small Workgroups—4-port 8Gb Fibre Channel (FC) interface supports up to four users without the need for an FC switch, reducing cost, cabling, and complexity, while providing direct, high-speed access to stored assets. Great Flexibility—Easily integrated into larger SANS; drops into an Xserve® RAID domain, supports Final Cut Pro® Server environments, and also provides for AVID volume locking. High Performance for Multiple Users—Delivers aggregate bandwidth up to 1,000 MB/sec. read, and up to 100% more streams to multiple simultaneous users than general purpose shared storage systems. Full Read Performance During Rebuilds—Tunable rebuild priority enables you to continue working on your project with full read performance during a RAID group rebuild; doesn’t degrade like general purpose shared storage systems. Multipathing Support—Combines data paths from two or more FC ports to increase bandwidth and redundancy, and to provide load balancing for improved performance. File Protection—Supports RAID levels 4, 5, and 6 to protect data in case of a drive failure (two drives with RAID 6) while maintaining great performance. Monitored Operation—SES (SCSI Enclosure Services) and S.M.A.R.T. data reporting provide realtime monitoring and reporting of the enclosure and drives’ status. Easy, Economic Expandability—Internal SAS expanders enable you to connect Fusion RX1600 Expansion enclosures without the need for an additional RAID controller. Complete System—Storage system includes enclosure with internal RAID controller, drive modules, cables, rackmount kit, software, and manuals.

Performance So Good, You'll Want to Share

Sonnet’s Fusion™ RAID systems have been providing fast, dependable, local storage for individual users for years. Until now, accessing the files at high speed on another computer meant moving the system to the other computer. We want you to share. Sonnet is proud to introduce the Fusion RX1600Fibre 16-drive RAID Fibre Channel storage system for multiple users. This is no ordinary general purpose shared storage system—this 16TB or 32TB, 3U rackmount system is designed to be the stellar performer for video editing workgroups. Fusion RX1600Fibre features a high-performance internal RAID controller with a high speed, 4-port 8Gb Fibre Channel interface that enables multiple users to connect and access data at the same time. This system can deliver 30 streams of ProRes 422 HQ (twice as many as general purpose Fibre storage), and also maintains aggregate stream capacity for multiple simultaneous clients—an area where general purpose Fibre storage falls behind.