Mac Pro Hard (2009-2012) Disk Drive Sled (Combo) for 3.5" OR 2.5" Drive

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Mac Pro Hard (2009-2012) Disk Drive Sled (Combo) for 3.5" OR 2.5" Drive

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Drive: 2.5” or 3.5" SATA SSD or HDD
Size: 6.4”  x 4.12”
Wight: .06oz (each)
Sand blast finish
Content: Four(4) Sleds, crews and installation instruction
Warranty: Lifetime


Internal Drive Sled - 2.5” OR 3.5” Combo Drive Sled for Mac Pro [2009-2012] - Compatible With SAS/SATA Solid State Drive Sleds (SSD) and Hard Disk Drive Sleds (HDD) - Portable Storage - Lifetime Warranty 

Bullet Points:

 • MAKES DRIVES SWAPPABLE: Easily replace or exchange drives* as easily as you would a USB.

 • PORTABLE STORAGE SPACE: No Data cables and power cords are required!

 • SATA SSD AND HDD COMPATIBLE: Works with both 2.5” SAS/SATA Solid State and Hard Disk Drives.

 • PERFECT FOR HIGH VOLUME SETUPS: Reliable and Made in the USA, this pro sled provides an easy fix to data storage space shortages. 

 • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Manufacturer guaranteed to last a lifetime. 

Product Description:

This Mac Pro Sled is the result of almost 30 years of experience specializing in memory upgrades and quality storage solutions here at Trans International. With years of Apple Hardware development under our belt and a reputation for anticipating the needs of the ever-changing computer industry, we enhance both the Mac and PC user experience with everything we offer. That includes Matchless customer service and support. 

2.5” OR 3.5” Drive Sled for Mac Pro (Compatible With Years 2009-2012)

Have several clients with massive storage needs? No problem! This Mac Pro Sled gives you the opportunity to replace your internal drives as frequently as you need to per client, per project, or even for a routine backup. Designed for a user-friendly experience, the sled comes complete with screws, installation instructions and a sand-blasted finish. 

Storage That Works With You

Long gone are the days of power cords or data cables because mounting your drive to this Mac Pro Sled makes it easy to plug it directly into your Mac Pro main logic board! Weaker computer accessories just won't cut it for power users with a high-volume production setup. Make your drives easily exchangeable and replaceable, instantly. 

Never Compromise Internal Drive Preferences

Choose whichever internal drive works best for you, whether a 2.5” SAS/SATA Solid State or Hard Disk Drive, because our Mac Pro Sled is compatible with them both. Convenience is at your fingertips! Note: Mac Pro must be turned off before swapping the drives. 

Lifetime Warranty

This product is protected by the manufacturer for a lifetime of use. 

* Caution: Mac Pro must be turned off before replacing or swapping the drives