SCSI 68-50 pin Adapter

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SCSI 68-50 pin Adapter

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With High and Low Bus LVD/SE Termination on/off selection Jumper
Auto switch to work on LVD or SE Mode

JP1 and JP2 Jumper Selection:

JP1 ON High Bus(Lines/Bits) Termination OFF
JP1 OFF High Bus(Lines/Bits) Termination ON
JP2 ON Low Bus(Lines/Bits) Termination OFF
JP2 OFF Low Bus(Lines/Bits) Termination ON
JP 1&2 ON Terminator off  
JP 1&2 OFF Terminator Working


New Ultra 2 SCSI LVD drives available in 68-Pin wide configurations do not have active SCSI termination, therefore, external termination is required to terminate the SCSI bus. Ultra 2 SCSI (LVD) drives can operate in two modes, single ended mode (LVD mode) or low voltage differential mode. A terminator is required to terminate the SCSI bus either in single ended mode or LVD mode depending on the users' choice. Trans Intl's new 68-Pin to 68-Pin mutimode terminator provides a cost effective solution to terminate 68-Pin Ultra 2 SCSI LVD drives with minimum cost and limited space. It automatically senses the operating mode of the drive (single ended or LVD mode) and supplies proper termination to the drive depending on the operating characteristics.