SCSI 80-68 pin Adapter with teminator

SCSI 80-68 pin Adapter with teminator

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Trans Intl SCA-2 80 pin interface adapters provide easy integration of 80-pin SCSI drives to an 8 bit bus (narrow, 50-pin) or 16 bit bus (wide, 68-pin). These adapters are one inch high, with on board active SCSI termination. Since SCA-80 pin drives do not have SCSI termination these adapters eliminate the need for internal terminators. Also available are several other drive parameters like SCSI ID selection, (7 SCSI IDs for 8-bit narrow drives, 15 SCSI IDs for 16-bit wide drives), LED jumper for drive activity status, drive delay start option, remote start option, sync spindle option and termination enable/disable option. The 5 and 12 vdc voltages are delivered to the power plug that sources power from an 80-position power plane. These adapters are designed to meet Ultra SCSI specifications and can be used in RAID subsystems, disk arrays, external drive subsystems, and internal drive upgrades in computer subsystems.