Tempo SATA E2P

Tempo SATA E2P

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Warranty: 1-year
RoHS Compliant: Yes
Bus Interface: PCI Express x1
External Connectors: Two eSATA
Drive Supported: Up to 10
Data Transfer Rate: Up to 125MB/sec
ATAPI (DVD-ROM) Support: Yes
Port Multiplier Aware: Yes
Drive Types: Serial ATA I & II
Bootability: Not Supported
Package Contents:
  Tempo SATA E2P host controller card
  Half-height bracket
  Documentation & Software CD
Advanced Features:
  FIS-based switching controller
  Spread Spectrum Clocking for compatibility with all SATA drivers
  and lower EMI emissions.


Mac Compatibility:
  Mac Pro
  Power Mac® G5(4) (with PCI Express slots)
  Mac OS X(1) Version 10.3+ Mac OS X Lion compatible
Windows Compatibility:
  PC (with PCI Express slots)
  Windows® 7
  Windows Vista®
  Windows XP