Toshiba 1TB SATA 3GB/s (5400RPM, 8MB Cache) Drive

Toshiba 1TB SATA 3GB/s (5400RPM, 8MB Cache) Drive

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Interface: Serial ATA 3.0 (SATA)
Speed: 5,400 RPM
Cache Buffer: 8MB
Average Seek Time: 12ms
Warranty: 3 Years


Toshiba offers reliable 2 .5" 5400RPM internal hard drives with Serial ATA interfaces
to upgrade notebook computers. These drives can also be used In external enclosures.
Ideal drives for increased performance, capacity and compatibility.

Works with Serial ATA enabled notebook computer
Read/Write cache for increased performance
Low power consumption with adaptive power modes
Internal shock sensor and ramp loading technology to help protect your drive