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Apple is one of those brands that have reputation for charging outrageous prices for iMac memory upgrades. In this scenario, the best way to increase your RAM without having to pay exorbitant prices is by purchasing it from a reliable place like Trans International. We are recognized in the industry as a leading manufacturer and supplier of memory modules that are proficiently engineered for your MAC systems, including iMac.


At Trans International, we do recognize how significantly memory can impact the computing productivity. This is the reason why we take all the required steps to ensure that you always receive a dependable and lighting fast memory product from us. Following are some of the reasons that Trans International absolutely unrivaled in this particular arena:

• Top-grade Quality – Every product that is designed and manufactured by us goes through vigorous testing. During diverse phases of production, our quality assurance specialists test all components and modules.

• Expertise – We at Trans International have overarching expertise in the development of memory chipsets for nearly all MAC computers. When you buy RAM for iMac from us, you will have the peace of mind that our technicians encase the integrated memory circuits, assemble all the modules and test the end product in our own state of the art facility.

• Guaranteed Compatibility – One of the biggest issues that people face when upgrading memory of their MAC system is compatibility. However, it is not a problem when you purchase RAM and other related products from Trans International. We adeptly customize our memory modules according to each model and promise 100% compatibility.

• Reliability – We are fully committed to utilize components of only superlative quality. Furthermore, once memory modules are manufactured to upgrade iMac, we conduct comprehensive tests to ensure that our products are working perfectly before they are delivered to you and installed in your systems.

• Convenience – Trans International brings you an all-inclusive assortment of RAM solutions at wonderful prices. It means you will not have to go to multiple manufacturers or vendors if you have different versions of iMac or other MAC systems.

Experience and Reliability of Trans International

A crucial step to ascertain the reliability of RAM modules is by thoroughly screening various components which are used in them. Trans International is amongst the very few manufacturers of RAM that employ global quality standards. All components are bound to go through a trusted and strict testing procedure. We have a cutting edge manufacturing facility equipped with advanced equipment that is operated by our trained and skilled technicians.

You no longer have to put up with your slow computer that lags even when performing least intensive tasks. Explore our wide ranging RAM modules at Trans International and choose the best one for your iMac memory upgrade.