About Us

Upgrade Daddy, a subsidiary of Trans International, started in 2022 as a premier reseller, system builder, integrator of performance enhanced computers, and leaders in Memory and Storage Solutions.

Founded in 1987, our parent company Trans International has been providing computer technology solutions and upgrades in the USA and globally.

As an Apple hardware developer, Trans International specializes in memory upgrades and customized storage solutions. Consistently maximizing internal memory and storage beyond Apple's system limitation and barriers. We are one of the first to bring memory and storage solutions to the Mac users.

Upgrade Daddy strives to continue to build a strong reputation among leading manufacturers, resellers, and retailers while also producing, developing, and supporting products that anticipate the coming needs of the ever-changing computer industry. Upgrade Daddy provides a vast selection of major-name brands with a wide variety of products at exceptional cost savings.

With 37 years of design, development, manufacturing and logistics experience. Upgrade Daddy can be counted on as your trusted technology partner both today and in the future.